Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nelson Santa Parade

Harold entertained the waiting crowds as he danced down Trafalgar Street today.
Bubbles and balloons floated skyward from the Life Education truck as it made its way to Founders Park.

The children on board looked very giraffe like in their yellow tee shirts and special head gear!
It was a wonderfully fine day and there was much excitement as we paraded through Nelson City.

   Happy Christmas everyone!

Harold will be entertaining the crowds in Takaka on Saturday 17th December @ 10.00am.


Harold came to visit the students at Auckland Point School and Kindergarten.
What a big hit he was! The mobile classroom had been at APS for three days and the students from  both school and kindy had sessions in the bus. Harold's visit just topped off the week. Not a lot of lunch eating happened when he arrived in the playground at school. He has earned celebrity status!
@ School
@ Kindy

Nile Class @ APS in the Bus

A lot of ideas were shared and discussed with Victoria in the mobile classroom this week. Peer pressure and the qualities of a friend were the major topics and the kids had lots of good knowledge and understanding around the issues we discussed. The atmopsphere Victoria fostered in each session gave the children a feeling of safety and security and their contributions came freely and well.
There was a mix of interaction and listening. The aroma  of poopcorn wafting around while watching a video clip had us all drooling!!

Thank you Victoria for such a fun and exciting way of learning. We loved our sessions in the bus and catching up with Harold. See you next year!
Nile Class 2011.
Auckland Point School