About Us

Life Education is a non-profit organisation. We teach health to 225,000 primary and intermediate school children each year. We go into schools by invitation, not by right. We are linked into the school curriculum.

Life Education is a preventative approach. We teach children about the wonder of life, themselves, and other people, with the aim of showing them how to reach their full potential. 

Life Education does not necessarily work on changing children's behaviour, it works on changing desires. Rather than frightening children with various forms of scare tactics, the Life Education philosophy focuses on creating a sensitivity to values which lead to an understanding and appreciation of human life. This enables the child to make decisions about any negative influences that might impede the development of their fullest potential.

We do this by taking children on an adventure in a mobile classroom that is equipped with sight and sound equipment designed to capture children's imaginations. Our educators (registered teachers) take children on this journey, along with Harold the Giraffe, our mascot. These educators are chosen for their x-factor and together with Harold make the journey fun as well as educational.